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Our youngest, infants and toddlers, boys and girls alike, live in the main house with the older girls. All boys over 8 years of age live in the Boys House, a separate building just a few steps away. 

Our property in Zambrano provides abundant space for all of them to play outdoors, ride their bikes, compete in a friendly game of soccer, or even enjoy a sunny afternoon in a portable pool. 

Our home has capacity to hold just over 40 children, and we have divided our kids into two separate houses, one for the girls and one for the boys. 

House for Boys

We strive that every activity of their daily lives is saturated with the living Word of God, either through the example of our staff or through our weekly Bible devotionals and praise and worship gatherings. 

We help them with homework when they come back home and listen to their stories about how their day went in school. 

God has placed the lives of these children in our hands for their care and they are our responsibility until they reach the age of 18. We provide for their food, medical care, clothing, and the best education that our financial means can provide. They live with members of our staff who have dedicated their lives to taking care of them 24 hours a day. Mornings start at 5:30 AM when the kids change into their school uniforms, eat breakfast and walk to our very own school, Faith Academy

The rules around this home are like the rules of any large family: no playing at the dinner table, no food outside the dining room, put your toys back in their place and respect your “tíos” and “tías” (uncles and aunts, which is what they call the men and women of our staff that live with them.) 

God’s heart has poured into this house, making it a real home for our kids. Every area you see here has been thought of and designed to give our boys and girls a sense of belonging and protection. They have their own beds and closet space. They have clothes and toys of their own, but they also know the meaning of sharing and hand-me-downs.

Our kids have been declared in social risk, a legal term that means that they cannot return to their homes because they would face a tremendous risk of being physically, sexually, emotionally and/or mentally abused by their own families. All of our children have been brought to us through a government office, mainly the DINAF (National Institute for the Children and the Family), or in some special cases, through the Public’s Prosecutor Office for Children.

The very first kids that we received in our home were survivors of brutal gang massacres; the government needed a place to keep them safe and so they brought them to us. Since then, Prince of Peace Children’s Home has welcomed the most severe cases of child abuse, extreme poverty and neglect. 


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Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”
-Matt. 19:14

Prince of Peace Children’sHome opened its doors in 2004 as the answer to the immense need Honduras has for the protection and restoration of abused and neglected children. 

Prince of Peace Children's Home