M   I   N   I   S   T   R   I   E   S

It has a team of facilitators, mostly young adults who have gone through the program, trained in experiential techniques, and who are responsible to affirm the principles and values ​​through their own testimony.

Discovery: they perform activities aimed at discovering the richness of these principles in diverse areas such as personal projection, self-esteem, identity, coexistence and building productive habits.

This discovery ensures hope, security, confidence, and self-government in your youth. 

We are a personal transformation program built on universal principles and values ​​aimed at strengthening the character of young people.

The methodology of this program allows for a full comprehension of each principle and value, bringing the participants to practice each value in their daily life.  This sequence may be reflected as this:

Incorporation: where principles are defined, and brings the understanding of the reasons behind every universal law and comparing it with natural processes. In this first approach, the functionality and benefits of each principle and value are recognized.

The vast majority of these adolescents reach maturity with fears, feeling unfulfilled, confused,  or wanting to be teenagers forever. Others will be trapped in harmful behaviors of addiction and crime, and some will be unable to understand the value of their own life and much less the lives of others. Mission Antivirus will give them the tools to eventually find a partner and become a couple and create families upon which to transfer valuable principles.

Adolescence and youth are stages of great relevance to humans. This is the time in our lives where important decisions are made affecting our future. For example: it is the time when you choose your friends, when you create good or bad habits, when you learn to handle your sexuality, when the thick lines of a profession and an occupation are plotted, and when the values of fidelity and honesty are internalized. 

Mission Antivirus focuses on Being, in order to Do and then Have.

Mission Antivirus aims to accomplish a greater sense of self esteem in young people, while at the same time encouraging them to channel their discovery and teaching them skills to further improve their character, such as conflict resolution, proper communication, management, and teamwork. 


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