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Our internship program is a way to respond to God’s call to serve in Honduras and aid us in accomplishing our two-fold vision:

  • To win the People and Children of Honduras for Christ AND

  • To engage in cross-cultural ministry that mobilizes the North American church and the individual believer through acts of love and service to the oppressed

This is a short-term assignment where you would be located within a culture that may be different from yours. In some cases, we will be the same. This mission is Christian (non-denominational). In addition, you will need to think why you are coming. Are you coming to receive more of Christ? Are you coming to serve Christ?

There are myriad opportunities to serve in this ministry, partnering your giftings, willingness to serve, and Reverend Jimmy’s guidance.
Door of Hope (Rehab Center): The very first ministry God gave Rev. Jimmy; to work with those who suffer from drug/alcohol addiction, bulimia, anorexia, gambling, rebelliousness, etc.
Prince of Peace (Children’s Home): a response to the immense need Honduras has for the protection and restoration of abused and neglected children
Faith Academy (School): a Christian bilingual school for the kids in the children’s home and the children of FTO staff; grades 1-12.
Casa Santiago (Mission House): a center for conferences and to host mission teams from the US

The Intern Guide lays out your necessary commitments associated with the trip and prior preparation for your time in Honduras. If you would like to receive this document, please email Thank you for considering partnering with us at Free the Oppressed and J. Hughes Foundation.

Larissa Recinos, Public Relations
HN Cell: 011-504-3175-4352
USA: (305) 771-8447

Read Ariana’s Testimony

“I came to visit my sister who, at the time, was working in the ministry. While there, I had a special encounter with God, something different than ever before. There were several significant questions I had been asking Him, and had never gotten an answer to until then. In that moment He told me to return and live in the ministry.

I lived there two and a half years. I started in the rehab center, living and working with the other residents and in the afternoons working at the school. I soon started working full time in Faith Academy as a teacher and spent time living in the Kid’s home and working as an extra hand there.

I came to the ministry with the knowledge that I was not only going there to serve but to also grow myself. I grew up in church and made bad decisions along the way. I had several deficiencies in knowledge and relation with God. Every church I had been to was dead and I felt a longing for something more and had been searching in all the wrong places. I was desperate to know what I had grown up without. Coming to Honduras was my reset. Being in the ministry taught me how to create a lifestyle in communion with God as well as taught me a lot of general knowledge as to who He is and what His church is to look like. I was delivered and received an identity, something I never knew I was in serious need of. Being there restored me and helped me build a strong foundation that I now can take anywhere with me as I continue to grow.”- Ariana

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