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Your work team will be more effective within your organization after experiencing our Team Building.


Our headquarters are in the picturesque village of Zambrano, Francisco Morazán, 33 km north of Tegucigalpa. However, we can mobilize to various strategic points in the country.


Our headquarters in Zambrano welcomes your work team at Casa Santiago, equipped to host a maximum of 38 people but ideal for serving groups of up to 120 people during the day. We prepare pre-ordered food and serve it in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

Casa Santiago Areas Sociales (1).jpg
Casa Santiago Dormitorios (3).jpg
Casa Santiago Dormitorios (2).jpg
Casa Santiago Dormitorios (1).jpg
Casa Santiago Areas Sociales (2).jpg
Casa Santiago Areas Sociales (4).jpg
Strategy + Tactics

Your team will be challenged by our unique and personalized strategy and tactics competence. Our innovative challenges, tests, relays and physical activities expand the individual's mind while strengthening your team's ability to strategize as a group. In addition to being fun, the competitive ingredient places a demand on participants to perform under pressure. We continually update and improve our challenges and activities to provide your team with a fresh experience should they consider returning a second or third time. This version of our Team Building typically happens in the spacious green areas of our Casa Santiago Retreat Center.


Alimentacion Casa Santiago.JPG
Areas de Comedor Casa Santiago (2).jpeg
Strategy + Tactics + Adventure


Designed to take your team out of its comfort zone, our Team Building with Adventure ("Boot Camp") is a Physical Challenge to Strengthen Professional Development (This is considered a Medium and High Ropes Workshop). The same innovative challenges, tests and relays will be experienced in the forest around the Hidden Waterfall of Zambrano. The additional elements of mud, water and the pine forest will further challenge your team to work quickly, effectively and intelligently in groups.

Salon Conferencias Casa Santiago.jpeg
01 Casa Santiago Sala de Conferencias (8).jpeg


  • No se permiten cigarrillos ni bebidas alcohólicas

  • No cuenta con WiFi

  • No cuenta con televisión

  • Estacionamiento en área verde para un máximo de 50 vehículos normales

  • Baños de dos cubículos para Damas y dos cubículos para Caballeros al costado exterior del salón. Siete baños adicionales en el interior de la casa principal

Boda en Casa Santiago (17).jpeg
Boda en Casa Santiago (10).jpeg
Boda en Casa Santiago (26).jpeg
Boda en Casa Santiago (30).jpeg

For more information about how to schedule a Team Building for your organization call us at 2722-0213, 3175-4352 or write to us at

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